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Five Hindi Poets

Jagdish Chaturvedi

Education : M.A. (Ujjain), 1955

Work : Lecturer, Ujjain, 1955
HOD Hindi – Nagpur University, 1956
Central Hindi Directorate – 1959 - 91
Editor : Bhasha, 86 – 91

Jagdish Chaturvedi, born in 1932, attained his post Graduate Degree in Hindi from Ujjain University in 1955. After being HOD Hindi at Nagpur University for one year, he joined Central Hindi Directorate, where he, inter alia, edited the multilingual magazine Bhaashaa for many years.
Despite being ignored, mainly by leftists who had dominated the literature scene for a long time, Chaturvedi is a well-reputed poet and a respected individual. He is credited for giving a new direction to language and thought, to Hindi poetry after seventh decade. He is considered a pioneer of ‘Anti- Poetry’ movement. He was questioned by the Government during ‘Emergency’ for allegedly writing subversive poetry, but was cleared later on when he explained the inner meanings of his poems. He was awarded ‘Senior Fellowship’ by Department of Culture (2001-2002).
Two anthologies edited by him, viz. ‘Praarambh’ (1963) and ‘Nishedh’(1972) are historically important as Hindi poetry was changing its course violently during the two decades. Among others, during sixties he edited a historic magazine ‘Akawitaa’. He has represented India in literary conferences held in Britain, Iraq, South Korea and Nepal. His works have been translated in English, French, Bulgarian, Polish, Servo-Croatian, Arabian, Korean, Nepaaleese etc. He has traveled U.K., Iraq, Nepal and south Korea

Awards :
2003 ‘Padma Shree’, Govt. Of India, by The President
1996 ‘Agyeya Rashtriya Sammaan’ – Rashtriya Hindi Academi, Calcutta
1995 ‘Akhsar Aditya Sammaan’ – Culture Dept., M.P.Govt.
1990 ‘Pegassus Gold Medal’ – Bulgaria Writers Union
1989 ‘Priya Darshini’ – Academi, Mumbai
1987 ‘Saahityakaar Samman’ – Hindi Academi, Delhi
1979 ‘Sammaan’, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthaan, on Translation:
1976 ‘Sammaan’, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan on ‘Suryaputra’
1970 ‘Akhil Bhaarteeya Soorya Puraskaar’ on ‘Itihaashantaa’

Publications :
Anthologies : Vijaya ( 1967), Itihashanta (1970), Sooryaputra ( 1975), Doobatay Itihas Ka Gawaah (1980), Poorwa Raag (1982), Naye Maseehaa ka Janm ( 1998), Kaheen Kuchh Kuredataa Hai Mujhay (1996). Jagdish Chaturvedi Rachanaawali ( 7 Vols.,2003); Swaatatryottar Hindi Kawitaa (2003); Hindi Kawitaa : Beesween Sadee (2003); Mayray Sansmaran Maray Saakshaatkaar (2003); In The City Of Partridges (English translations) (2004); Babader Pallit (Translations in Bengali by S. Basaak 2004).

Story Collections : Jeewan Kaa Sangharsh (1954), Antaraal Kay Do Chhor (1962), Nihang (1973), Andhayray Kaa Aadmi (1978), Wiwart (1981), Charchit Kahaaniyaan (1981), Prem Sambandhon Kee Kahaaniyaan (1992), Dahlia Kay Phool ( 1994), and Aadim Gandh (1994)

Novels : ‘Connaught Place’ (1999)

Drama : Kapaas Kay Phool (1960)

Biography : Bharat Kay Kraantikaari (1978)

Criticism : Aadhunik Hindi Kawitaa (1975); Dastaawayz (1980)

Translations : Mahaaprasthaan ( Bulgarian Poems, 1978); Bhoomi Jo Hai Naheen (Poems from Finland, 1980); Itaalwee Kawitaa (1981); and Teesaree Duniyaa Kee Kawitaa (1986)

Special Selection : Chup Naheen Hoon Main (1997)

Translations by Others : Self Condemnation (Eng.1982), Boba Per Palat (Bangla, 1982)

Edited : Praarambh (1963); Modern Poetry (English 1964); Sankalan (1968); Nishedh (1972); Bhaarteeya Bhaashaaon Kaa Sankshipt Itihaas (1964); Bhaarteeya Kahaanee (1976); Criteria Cactus aur Gulab (1982); Bhaarteeya Kawitaa (1985); Aaj Ki Hindi Kawitaa (1987); Bhaartiya Upanyaas (1988); Bhartiya Naatak Aur Rangmanch (1992); Saarthak Kawita eeKi Talaash 1993); Jaya Shankar Prasad : Srajan Kay wiwidh Aayaam (1993); Hindi Poetry To-Day (1994) etc 25 books.

Works on Jagdish Chaturvedi :
Jagdish Chaturvedi : Wiwaadaaspad Rachanaakaar – Editor – Dr. K. K. Goyanka (1985);
Akawitaa Sandarbh aur Jagdish Chaturvedi ki Kawitaayen – Rashmi Ramani ( 1994)

In Press :
Samkaaleen Hindi Kawiyon Ki Kawitaayen (With English Translations)
Beesaween Sadee Kee Bhaarteeya Kahaaniyaan ( Edited with Rajee Seth)

Contact : 32A, C2, Lawrence Road, Delhi 110035; Tel. 011, 27185806

Ramesh Chand Sharma (Pen name : Divik Ramesh )

Divik Ramesh was born in 1946 in a village Kirari, in Delhi, He secured M.A.(Hindi) in 1st division in 1969; and his PhD on the topic “Nayay Kaviyon Kay Kaavya-Shilp Sambandhee Siddhaant”, both from Delhi Univ. He has been a Lecturer/Reader in Motilal Nehru College (Delhi Univ.) from 1970 to 2000, and he is now Principal in the same college. He was a visiting Associate Professor, Hankuk University , Seoul. Korea (1994-1997). He is fluent in Hindi, English and Panjaabee, and has a working knowledge of Samskrit and Korean.
Divik Ramesh’s first anthology, in the seventies – Raastay Kay Beech - was well received. This and another anthology – Khulee Aankhon Main Aakaash –earned him, at the young age of 38 years, the renowned international Soviet Land Nehru Award, and established him as a poet of unique originality. He is a person who has struggled through out his life. He is a self made man, in that he was earning his bread whilst he was getting educated in the college. He has anchored various literary programmes on DoorDarshan, Delhi. He was a visiting Professor at a South Korean University from 1994 to 1997, where he started many literary activities, which were highly appreciated by Koreans and Indians. He thus worked there to spread Hindi literature. In the Embassy Of India, he organized poetry recitations, for the first time. He has studied many aspects of Korean culture. He has traveled Japan, Korea, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K., U.S.A, Moscow, Trinidad & Tobago.

Awards :
1983 Delhi Hindi Academy’s Award, on Khulee Aankhon Main Aakaash.
1984 Soviet Land Nehru Award, on Raastay Kay Beech and Khulee Aankhon Main Aakaash.
1997 Girija Kumar Mathur Memorial Award, on poetry - drama, Khand Khand Agni.
1988 NCERT.’s National Prize for Children’s Literature, on Hansay Jaanwar Ho Ho Ho
1990 Delhi Hindi Academy’s Bal Sahitya Puraskaar, on Kabootaron Kee Rail.
1991All India Children’s Welfare Council, Kanpur, Award.
1992 National Nehru Children’s Literature Award, by Balkan Ji Bari International.
1995 Indo-Russian Literary Club, award for outstanding work on Children’s Literature.
2002 Prakaashveer Shashtri Award,
2002 Gaurav Sammaan award at Port of Spain on 21st May 2002

Research/ criticism : Nayay Kaviyon Kay Kaavya-Shilp Siddhaant, 1991; Saakshaat Trilochan, 1990; Kavitaa Kay Beech Say, 1992

Poetry : Raaste Ke Beech, 1977; Khulee Aakhon Main Aakaash , 1983; 1987; 1989; Haldee Chaawal Aur Anya Kavitaayayn, 1992; Feather (English translations),1983, 1994; Sei Dal Aie Gyol Hon ( Pakshee kaa Wiwaaha) (Poems translated into Korean ), 1996; (First book of Hindi Poetry in Korean ); Chhotaa saa Hastakshayp, 2000

Verse-Play : Khand Khand Agni 1994; (Its English Transcreation - Ignis Shattered, Vishwa Mohan Tiwari and Anand Prakash,; 2003. (Marathi translation expected soon. )

Translation- : ‘Koriyai Kavita-yatra’, An anthology of Korean Poetry in Hindi 1999; Sahitya Akademi. Korean Bal Kavitaayayn, N.B.T., 2000; Korean Poems by Kim Yang Shik, (Hindi and English; The Day Breaks, 1999, Ajanta International.); Korean Folk Tales, Pitamber Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2000.

Edited Books : Nishaydh Ke Baad (Poetry), 1981; Ensemble (Hindi poems, English translations and graphics). 1982; Hindi Kahaanee Kaa Samkaaleen Parivaysh, (stories and articles); Katha-Padaawa, (stories)1991; Doosaraa Divik (Poetry), 1973

Children’s Literature
Poetry : Joker Mujhay Banaa Do Jee,1980; Hansay Jaanwar Ho Ho Ho, 1985, 1987, 1990; Kabootaron Ki Rail , 1988; Chhatri Say Gapsap , 1989; Agar Khelta Hathi Holi, 1994; Tasveer Aur Munna, 1997; Madhur Geet-3, 1999; Madhur Geet-4, 1999; Koriyaii Bal Kavitaayayn, 2001

Short Stories : Dhoort Sadhu Aur Kisan, 1984; Sabsay Badaa Daanee, 1992; Stories For Children by Divik Ramesh, 1996; Drama : Ballu Hathee Kaa Baalghar ( under print), Phool Bhee Aur Phal Bhee, 1994;
Folk Tales : Aur Payd Goongay Ho Gayay, 1992; Sachchaa Dost, 1996; Koriyaii Lok Kathayein

Contact : B-295, Sector-20, NOIDA-201301 (U.P.)
E-Mail: dish@ndf.vsnl.net.in; Tel. (0120) 2535266, 2520180

Partap Sehgal

Partap Sehgal, born in 1945 at Jhang, West Panjab (now in Pakistan), secured his M.A. (Hindi) in 1970 with first place in first division from Delhi Univ. He joined Zakir Hussain College, Delhi in 1970 and is a Reader now for some years. He knows Hindi, Panjaabee, English, Urdu, and Samskrit.
When migrated to India he was just a kid. Today he is a renowned Hindi poet, playwright, fiction writer and critic. Honest to the core, his writings reflect his concerns about dogmas in society. A resolute agnostic, he strikes a balance between scientific exploration of new ideas and an extremely sensitive tenderness towards human sentiments. He tirelessly searches for the meaning of existence. This fervent spirit imparts his writings a deep bond with his roots and yet has a vision for the generations to come. Well-known directors have staged his plays several times throughout India. He writes regularly for the print and the electronic media

1970 ‘Maithilisharan Gupt Puruskaar’
1981 ‘Best Playwright Award’ On Rang Basanti. By Sahitya Kala Parishad Delhi, In;
1983 ‘Award’ By Ministry Of Education On Apanee Apanee Bhoomikaa In;
1988 ‘Aadim Aag’, Hindi Academy Delhi,;
2001 ‘Anahad Naad’ Hindi Academy Delhi
2001 ‘Sauhard Sammaan’, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthaan, Lucknow (U.P. Govt.);
2001 ‘Raj Bhasha Samman’, Govt. Of India.

POETRY: Sawal Ab Bhi Maujood Hai 1983; Devdaar Prakashan, Delhi, Aadim Aag 1988; Paraag Prakaashan Delhi, Andhayray Main Dekhna 1994; Abhiruchi Prakashan Delhi, Is Tarah Say 1997; (Collection Of Six Long Poems) Asstha Prakashan New Delhi, Nachiketa’s Odyssey (In Eng.) Samkaaleen Prakashan Delhi.


Ek Doosaray Say Alag (Long Poems) 1981; Paraag Prakaashan, Delhi, Alag Alag Honay Kay Bawajood (Long Poems) 1986; Paraag Prakaashan, Delhi, Navayn Dashak Kee Kavitaa Yatraa 1988; Suhaasdeep Prakaashan, Delhi, Two Poetry Special Numbers Of Suhaasdeep 1988
Editor : Associate Editor, University Today, For 15 Years

FICTION : Anahad Naad 1999; Kitaabghar, Delhi; Ab Tak (Short Story)1978, Vijayant Prakaashan, Delhi.

PLAYS : Nahin Koee Anta, 1998, Kitaabghar New Delhi; Nau Laghu Natak 1994, Himachal Pustak Bhandar Delhi; Anvayshak 1992, Kitaabghar New Delhi; Chaar Rupaant 1992, Pratimaan Prakashan New Delhi; Maut Kyon Raat Bhar Naheen Aati 1988, Jaishree Prakashan Delhi; Rang Basantee 1984, Paraag Prakaashan Delhi; Apane Apanee Bhoomika (Radio Plays) 1998, Pratimaan Prakaashan, Delhi; Raastaa Idhar Bhee Hai, 2002 Radio Serial, Navraaj Prakaashan, Delhi; Andhayrayy Mein (Adptation Of Peter Shaffer’s Play.) 1978, Abhinav Prakaashan, 1984 Devdaar Prakashn, Both Delhi; Kissaa Teen Ghulaabon Kaa Translation Of Bulgarain Play 1991, Paraag Prakaashan Delhi; Paanch Rang Naatak., 2002, Kitaab Ghar Prakaashan, Delhi.

CRITICISM :Rang Chintan 1998, Navaraaj Prakaashan, Delhi; Samaya Kay Nishaan, GranthLok, Delhi

ON TELEVISION : Play - Khandahar Par Baitthaa Aadami

Radio Serials : Oonchee Chhat Kaa Makaan; Boodhaa Vansh; Raastaa Idhar Hai ; Raasta Idhar Bhi Hai; Ward No. 16; Baat Zara Si; Atha Katha Raghuvansh; Chhoo Mantar; More Than Thirty Plays Have Been Broadcast From Delhi Station, Vividh Bharti And National Channel Of All India Radio; Many Features And Musical Features Have Been Broadcast Some Of Them Have Been Broadcast In Nepali Pushto And Burmese.

Bulgarian, African And Spanish Poems In Hindi Translated Bulgarian Writer Valleri Petrov’s Play - Kissa Teen Gulaabon Kaa A Large Number Of Poems Have Been Translated Into English, Punjabi, Urdu, Baangla, Gujraatee, Nepaali, Burmese, Pushto etc.

President: Gawaksha (A Forum For Literature And Arts); President: Rangasamooha; Sec. General: Forward Contact: F-101, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027. E Mail: partapshashi@hotmail.com;Tel. (011)25448353

Ramesh Kaushik

Ramesh Kaushik, born in 1930 at Khurja (UP), obtained his MA in Hindi. He worked as Senior Hindi Officer, Delhi Transport Corporation (Retd. in 1988)
He is a poet of high sensibility who has created excellent poems from his lively experiences. His poems appear simple but that is the secret of his masterly craft where by using metaphors, images, symbols lyrically he creates depth and breadth in his poems mostly on love and nature. Contradictions of our age are also brought out forcefully in his poems. He was questioned by the Parliament for his critical poems on the state of the nation.
During the International Year for Children’, in April and October 1979, he was invited in two conferences. In one he was the only Indian representative and in the other he chaired the conference, attended by representatives from more than forty nations. He has made literary pilgrimages to Tiblisi (Georgia), Taallin (Bay of Finland), Sophia, Waarnaa and Petersberg. He has traveled Russia, Estonia, Georgia and Bulgaria

Honours 82, 78 and 96: Hindi Academy (Delhi) For three anthologies.
95 : Memorial Medal, Russian Embassy.
95 : Excellent Children’s literature. Russian Embassy.
90 : Pegasus Gold Medal (Highest Award) Bulgarian Writer’s Union.
80 : Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthaan.
77 : Soviet Bhoomi Nehru Award.

(1.) Subaha Kee Dhoop, Ashok Prakaashan
(2.) Sameep Aur Sameep, Akshar Prakaashan
(3.) Chaahatay To, Akshar Prakaashan
(4.) Sach Soorya Hai, Paraag Praskaashan
(5.) Sunahalay Pankh, Jai Shree Prakaashan, Khurjaa
(6.) Kramashah, Jai Shree Prakaashan
(7.) Kaheen Kuchh Thaa, Abhiruchi Prakaashan
(8.) Kahaan Hain Way Shabda, Publisher – Medhaa Books
(9.) Main Yahaan Hoon, Publisher – Medhaa Books.

(1) 101 Soviet Kawitaayayn, National Publishing House
(2) Roosy Aur Soviet Praym Kawitaayayn, Paraag Prakaashan
(3) Bulgayriyaaee Kawitaayayn, Paraag Prakaashan

Children’s Poetry:
1. Ham Hain Chaand Sitaaray, Paraag Prakaashan
2. Son Chiraiyaa, Paraag Prakaashan
3. 51 Baal Kawitaayain, Brajwaasee Printers
4. Geet Meray Desh Kay,Nawa Raaj Prakaashan.
5. Roosy Baal Kawitaayayn Paraag Prakaashan
6. 151 Baal Kawitaayayn, Medha Prakaashan

Fiction : (1.) Do Sir Waalaa Daitya, Publications Division
(2.) Saagar Dweepon Kee Lok Kathaayayn, 2 Parts, Raaj Soorya Prakaashan
Biography Maharshi Arvind, Shubhkaamanaa Prakaashan

Contact : L 2, Sector 12, NOIDA, 201301; Tel. (0120) 2545208

Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, Air Vice Marshal

Vishwa Mohan Tiwari was born in 1935 at Jabalpur (MP). He obtained M. Tech. (Aviation Electronics) from Cranfield Institute of Tech, England (1968), ‘Madhyamaa’ (music)’ from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Prayag, (1953), and ‘Visharad’ (literature)– Hindi Saahitya Sammelan,Varanasi, (1951). He is fluent in Hindi and English; and has workable knowledge of Samskrit, French( Diploma, International School of Languages), and Russian. He served in the Indian Air Force from 1957 to 1991, and retired as an Air Vice Marshal.

A person of multidimensional activities and writings, A.V.M. Vishwa Mohan Tiwari, with his original vision and unique experiences, enriches literature not only with the challenges of adventures of flying in the blue skies but also with the earthy colours and fragrance of ditches and trenches, and rough and rugged footpaths. His writings with their unique structures, style, and his deep sensibility encompass the social concerns, express symbolically incoherences, orthodoxies and inequalities in the society, hypocrisy of administration, and dehumanization in the society. He is also a poet of beauty and joy of life.
His unbiased observations enriched with his worldview and his lively structured language holds a readers attention. Whether they be new ground-breaking lively travelogues with descriptions of beauty of birds, mountains, springs, rivers, skies, and saturated with unique splendour of folk life, which takes the reader along with him with authenticity of a local person. Or they be his intuitive creations in a poetic form, wishing well of the world, soaked with lively emotional experiences, and uncovering various deep layers of human mind. Or they be his articles on birds, analyzing their lives, their nature, their scientific classification, their place in tradition and culture and on environment. Or they be his objective reviews, crossing the politics of the literary world, on contemporary writings, capable of diving for pearls in the literature under review. What makes this just and authentic writings on various genres possible is his deep insight capable of penetrating and researching quality. He has read and pondered over subjects like mathematics, science, psychology, philosophy, language, spirituality and a bit of literature. In order to make a people aware of the relevance of ocean of ancient wisdom viz. Upanishads , he delivers discourses to huge gatherings, leaving them spell-bound. Many may not know that Squash champion Vishwa Mohan Tiwari believes in a disciplined life; but when the formation of migrating birds traversing the sky give him notice of changing weather, he picks up his camera and heads towards mountains and lakes, and watches birds who announce that they do not accept the artificial borders made by selfish men. He has traveled UK, Congo, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Canada, Thailand, Japan.

2003 ' ISWA Sammaan ' Science Writing, by Indian Science Writers Association
2002 Raaj Bhaasha Puraskaar On 'Upagraha kay ....' Def. Research & Develop. Organ.
2001 'Sarjanaa' On ‘Aanand Panchhe Nihaaran Kaa’ – U. P. HindÎ Sansthãn
2001 Millenium Hindi Seva Samman World Peace Council by Chief Justice Sup. Court
1999 Krti Samman Delhi Hindi Academy on ‘Aanand P...’by Chief Min. Delhi
1999 'Tthittholee Sammaan' Delhi, by Education Minister Delhi.
1998 Atmaram Award Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra, by the President of India.
1998 Hindi Samwaahak Honoured in New York by World Hindi Assoc.
1994 Indira Gandhi National Award ‘Khaadee Yuddha 91’, by the President of India.
1993 Raksha Mantralaya Award ‘Khaadee Yuddha 91’, by Minister of Defence.
1993 Rahul Sankrityayan Award Travelogue writing in Hindi, by Minister of Tourism.
1990 Indira Gandhi National Award ‘Electronikee Yuddha Kalaa’, by the Vice President.
1980 Certificate of Merit (Photography) : London International Photo Salon
1971 Mention-in-Dispatches Gallantry Award -Indo-Pak War, by Min. of Defense
1968 Colour - Squash (racquet game), Cranfield Inst. of Tech. U.K.
1966 Champion, Bangalore Open. Squash, A.F. station. Jalahalli, Bangalore
1965 Commendation by Air Officer Commanding in Chief Indo-Pak War, by Min. of Def.
1958 Best Officer :13th Course, Aeronautics Signals, Air Force Tech. College, Bangalore

Main Publications

(1) Vijnaan Kaa Aanand; Aalekh Prakaashan 2004
(2) Hindi Yaatraawratta Kaa Itihaas; Aalekh Prakaashan 2004
(3) Bodhi Wraksha Kay Neechay (Hindi, Poems); Medhaa Prakashan 2003
(4) ‘Joy Of Bird Watching (English); National Book Trust 2002
(5) ‘Sabsay Balawaan Kaun – Stories for Children (Hindi) Pitambar Publication 2002
(6) ‘Upagraha ke Baahar Bheetar’ (Hindi) w. Dr. R K Tewari; Publications Division 2001
(7) ‘Aanand Panchhee Nihaaran Kaa’ (Hindi - Bird Watching); National Book Trust 1998
(8) ‘The High Tech War Of Twentieth Century’, w. Dr. R K Tewari; Vikas Publications 1996
(9) ‘Gulf War 91–Victory of Air Power’ (Hindi); Pub. Bhagirath Sewa Sansthan 1991
(10) ‘Zindigi Phir Phir Meray Kareeb Hai’ (Hindi, Travelogues); Pub. B.S.Sansthan, Gaziabad 1991
(11) ‘Saral Vedic Ganit (Hindi - Mathematics); Pub. B.S.Sansthan 1990
(12) ‘Electroniki Yuddh Kalaa’ (Hindi - Electronic Warfare); Pub. B.S.Sansthan 1989
(13) ‘Bayghar’ (Hindi - Anthology of Poems); B.S.Sansthan, 1987.

(1)‘Ignis Shattered’, (of Divik Ramesh, H to Eng., w. Anand Prakash); Writers Workshop 2003
(2) Vedic Ganit’ (of Shankaraachaaarya of Puri, Eng. to H); Motilal Banarasi Das 1991
(3.) ‘Safayd Raatayn Kaalay Din’ (Eng. to H), w. Sati Kumar; Parag Prakashan 1977,
(4.) ‘Kirnon Kaa Rahasyamaya Sansaar’ (F. Lorentz, Eng. to H); Thompson Press 1975.

Translations by others
(1.) Khaadee Yuddha 91, Marathi ( Gp.Capt. R.P.Pandey); Madhuraaj Publications, Pune, 411030, 1995,
(2.) Bayghar (Poems), Oriyaa (Dr. Sudhanshu Naik), Vidyaa Saagar Prkaashan. Katak, 753002. 2003.

Very Important Articles Published
‘The Upanishads’ - Contribution to Encyclopaedia of Hinduism. (Being published ,USA). ‘Picasso Proved Prophetic’; ‘Artist: Freedom and Responsibility’; ‘Rebirth : A New View’– Presented at All India Philosophical Congress 1995; ‘Sikhism – Hinduism : Philosophical Relationship – The Paper presented at a Seminar on ‘Oriental Religions’; organized by San Jose State University, California. 2002.

Publications in WEB sites
· Poetry.com: (3) http://www.poetry.com/Publications/display.
· Anubhuti-hindi.org (17): http://www.anubhuti-hindi.org
· Indianest.com( 4) : http://www.indianest.com/writers/vishwamohan.htm
· Sulekha.com (5): http://www.sulekha.com/authordesc.
· Hindinest.com (Boloji) (5): http://www.boloji.com/writers/vishwamohan.htm
· WebDunia.com (4): http://www.webdunia.com/literature/kavita
· http://www.geocities.com/joyofindianbirds

Books in Press
1. 'Ek Chidiyaa Kaa Giranaa' Autobiography of Salim Ali (Eng to Hindi) N.B.T.
2. ‘Ishopanishad’ (English) - based on a series of lectures given at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, USA.
3. ‘Cultural Unity In Indian Languages And Literatures’ (Hindi), Edited Book, Raaj Soorya Prakashan
4. 'Electroniki Yuddha' (Electronic War, Hindi) - Aalekh Prakashan

Contact : E 143, Sector 21, NOIDA, 201301. Tel. (0120) 2539042; Also 103 Mojonera Court, Los Gatos, CA 95032,USA. Email


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